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Motor Legal Expenses

Motor Legal Expenses

Motor Legal Expenses covers for legal expenses that would arise if you decide to take legal action following a motor accident or if a third party took action against you. It also enables you to claim back your uninsured losses from the third party. These are things not covered under your insurance policy e.g. if you were involved in an accident and had to take a taxi to your destination or telephone bills contacting solicitors in regards to your claim. 85% of clients take legal cover on their policies.

Our policy is only £18 for the year and includes:
• Upto £100,000 of cover throughout the period of your insurance
• EU territory cover giving you peace of mind when driving in the Republic of Ireland or any other European country
• Motor prosecution defence cover e.g. if your licence is at risk of being revoked. This is subject to a reasonable prospect of success
• Cover for drivers and passengers

Contact one of our insurance experts on 02838 525 006 too add this great benefit to your policy.