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Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

With the weather getting colder and roads getting icier it’s important to keep your car in good order to avoid accidents and breakdowns. Here are some basic tips to see you through the winter months.

Public Liability Northern Ireland

Public Liability is the most common type of insurance taken out by businesses and self-employed individuals. Many businesses, and self-employed individuals, decide that they need this type of insurance to protect them from crippling compensation costs and legal fees. It may also be required by clients (such as government or local authority) when fulfilling a contract.

Preparing your home for the winter months

With the autumns night’s drawing in and the weather getting colder, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you might need to do to protect your home and keep it safe and secure.

The 3 levels of Car Insurance

Car Insurance Northern Ireland: When buying Car Insurance it is important to understand the 3 different levels available. This will enable you to make the best decision for your needs and budget. Below we explain the 3 different levels available.

Student & Young Drivers Insurance

Student and Young Driver Insurance are motoring policies aimed at new drivers, learner drivers and students. It is affordable car insurance allowing young drivers to build No Claims Bonus in their own name through Black Box technology.

Motor Legal Expenses

Motor Legal Expenses covers for legal expenses that would arise if you decide to take legal action following a motor accident or if a third party took action against you. It also enables you to claim back your uninsured losses from the third party. These are things not covered under your insurance policy e.g. if you were involved in an accident and had to take a taxi to your destination or telephone bills contacting solicitors in regards to your claim. 85% of clients take legal cover on their policies.

What is ‘fronting’ and how can I avoid it?

Fronting is when a more experienced driver, usually a parent, insures a vehicle in their name even though an inexperienced driver, usually a son/daughter, are going to be the main driver.

Adding value to your insurance with Excess Protect

Excess Protect means you can claim your excess back even if the accident is your fault or you are involved in an accident with an unknown third party. So if you have a £500 excess on your policy and your claim amount is over £500 then you would get your excess back, meaning you are not out of pocket. You can also chose to protect all or part of your excess.

What is key cover?

Key cover covers you for loss, theft or breakage of car, home and office keys and costs only £10 for the year. It can be added onto your car or home insurance policy.

Adding value to your insurance with Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover means you’ll never be stuck at the roadside trying to change a wheel or at home in your driveway on a cold morning. Our policies provide 24/7 cover in Northern Ireland, UK mainland and Republic of Ireland and are only £30 for the year. It can be added on at any point during your policy.