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Income Protection

Income Protection

Here at Absolute Protection NI, we offer Income Protection.  Income Protection pays out a tax-free monthly amount should you be unable to work due to accident, sickness or disability.  State benefits are rarely enough to enable most individuals or families to pay all of their bills and living costs when one of the income-earners is unable to work.  An income protection policy provides a monthly income to cover a percentage of your wages whilst you are unable to work, meaning that you can focus on your recovery instead of worrying how you are going to provide for yourself and your family.

Types of IP Protection

Whether you want long-term, short-term or accident, sickness and unemployment cover, we can help you decide which direction to choose from and the best Income Protection policies to choose from.  If you do need time off there are also different payment options to consider – guaranteed, reviewable or age-related.  It might seem confusing, but here at Absolute Protection NI, we know this industry inside and out and we will make sure to guide you along the right path.

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