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What is ‘fronting’ and how can I avoid it?

What is ‘fronting’ and how can I avoid it?

What is ‘fronting’?

It is when a more experienced driver, usually a parent, insures a vehicle in their name even though an inexperienced driver, usually a son/daughter, are going to be the main driver. The term basically describes a type of fraud but many policyholders don’t realise they are committing it. Doing so can reduce the price of an insurance policy but could be declared void in the event of a claim.

What are the consequences of fronting?

It can have serious consequences for you and the other driver such as a claim not being paid out, criminal conviction and refusal of insurance by other insurance companies.

How can I avoid it?

As many policyholders don’t know fronting is an offence a lot of insurers will now charge a premium based on the youngest driver on a policy. If the named driver uses the vehicle to drive to and from school, university or work most days, or if they are responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle then it is likely they will be the main driver. If you are ever in any doubt speak to your insurer.

How can I reduce an inexperienced driver’s premium without fronting?

There are many ways you can reduce an inexperienced/young driver’s premium without the risk of fronting:

  • Fitting a black box/telematics box can reduce a drivers insurance premium by 65% with our Marmalade drivers schemes
  • Purchase a smaller engine car
  • Pay annually to avoid monthly interest