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Student & Young Drivers Insurance

Student & Young Drivers Insurance

What is Student and Young Driver Insurance?

Student and Young Driver Insurance are motoring policies aimed at new drivers, learner drivers and students. It is affordable car insurance allowing young drivers to build No Claims Bonus in their own name through Black Box technology.

Do I need it?

If a young driver is the main driver of a vehicle then the car must be insured in their name. Fronting occurs when a driver (usually more experienced) declares they are the main driver of a vehicle when this not the case. Click here to read more about Fronting.

Will the premium increase once they past their test?

No! Our policies don’t increase when a young driver passes their test which means you know the premium you will be paying for the next 12 months. This means there will be no nasty surprises and allows the driver (or parents!) to budget for the year.

I want to insure my son/daughter on my car but don’t want to risk losing my No Claims Bonus. What can I do?

Our unique Named Young Driver Insurance allows your son/daughter to be insured on your vehicle comprehensively without any risk to your no claims bonus. It gives you the flexibility to:

  • Insure one vehicle in two names meaning
  • Don’t have to cancel your own car insurance avoiding cancellation fees
  • Allows the young driver to start earning no claims bonus in their own name
  • Will cover a provisional and full UK licence
  • Can be paid monthly

My son/daughter is at university living away from home. Do you provide short-term insurance for holidays?

Yes! Our policies can cover students temporary while they are home for holidays such as Christmas or Easter. This gives them the freedom to use your vehicle and doesn’t risk your no claims bonus while being insured comprehensively. Cover is flexible from 7-90 days available and covers students added 18-27.

Anything else?

All our policies have:

  • No curfews
  • Provide comprehensive cover
  • Cater for provisional and full UK licence holders
  • And can cover ages 17-34.

Our Black Box technology allows massive reductions on policies while providing drivers with data on their driving habits so they can see where they need to improve and don’t get into bad driving habits.

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